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You may notice that there are a variety of styles showcased here. That’s because I don’t set the tone, you do. This isn’t a “pick a template out of this huge book and we will quickly edit in your personal information” shop. I custom design every invitation suite to reflect you and your vision for you wedding.

Our collaboration starts with getting a feel for your style. Sometimes it helps to send a few examples of styles that you’ve seen and liked (I’m a huge fan of Pinterest!).

Once I understand your style, I will design threemain invitation layouts for you to choose from. After one is selected, I will refine it before designing the rest of the pieces in your suite. 

But where are the puppies! Unfortunately, no puppies will be involved in designing and making your suite. The name simply refers to my two favorite things: snuggling adorable puppies & designing beautiful papers. 

It is best to get the design process at 2-3 months before you’d like to send out the invitations. 

Are you ready? Shoot me a line and let’s get started! 



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puppies and paper would love to collaborate with you. If you have a vision, I can help you achieve it. For more information about pricing, please don’t be afraid to ask. Every design piece and wedding suite is different depending on materials and complexity, so any details you can give me about your needs and wants will help! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send me a note and we can chat. 


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